Monday, December 5, 2011


God’s taking me on a detour. :)

In the meantime, I am posting the remainder of the E100 readings. I will (most likely) not be posting devotionals to go along with them. I hope you enjoy reading through them and pray God speaks to you as you spend time with Him in His love letter to you!

I will be back when He allows!


Paul to the Churches:

81 - More than Conquerors

82 - The Fruit of the Spirit

83 - The Armor of God

84 - Rejoice in the Lord

85 - The Supremacy of Christ

Paul to the Leaders:

86 - Elders and Deacons

87 - The Love of Money

88 - Good Soldiers of Christ

89 - All Scripture is God-breathed

90 - The Coming of the Lord

The Apostles’ Teaching:

91 - The Most Excellent Way

92 - A New Creation in Christ

93 - A Living Hope

94 - Faith and Works

95 - Love One Another

The Revelation:

96 - A Voice and a Vision

97 - Messages to the Churches

98 - The Throne of Heaven

99 - Hallelujah!

100 - The New Jerusalem

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Trip to Rome


Acts 25-28


Here, at the conclusion of the book of Acts, we see Paul facing trial for preaching the gospel. Paul faced A LOT of persecution but two things kept him going. First, he was focused on his mission. Secondly was the intervention of the Holy Spirit. God miraculously changed the course of events several times (see 27:33-34, 44; 28:1-10). Despite all the detours, in the end Paul accomplished exactly what God wanted him to accomplish.


As far is it depends on us, how can we accomplish what God wants for us? The E100 challenge literature says:

  1. Have a Purpose in Life
    • God had a purpose for Paul (Acts 9:15)
    • You can trust that God has a purpose for your life, too
  2. Have a Focus in Life
    • Don’t let anything distract you from your purpose        
      • not opposition (26:20, 28-29)
      • not what others think of you (26:24-25)
  3. Have a Power in Life!
    • Trust the power of God to help you (27:33-34, 44; 28:1-10)
Once you find your God-given purpose in life, don’t let anything deter you from pursuing it.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

More Missionary Journeys


Acts 16-20


This passage tells us about other journeys Paul went on. Paul was following the call of God, and still things didn’t go the way one might have expected!


How can we know God’s will?

Wait on the Lord!

  1. pray
  2. fast
  3. seek godly advice
  4. wait for the Holy Spirit to guide
Also, don’t be afraid if you are not 100% sure. God, like He did with Paul, sometimes uses our “detours” to get us to where He is leading us!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Biblical Conflict Resolution

The Council at Jerusalem



The church has had a potentially sharply divisive issue arise (circumcision of the Gentiles) and, instead of gossip or bickering, came together to discuss the issue. After listening to all sides and seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the leaders made a decision and the people accepted the decision.

After avoiding a split in the emerging split, however, Paul and Barnabas experienced a sharp disagreement and were unable to agree, so they parted company.


Disagreement does not have to cause division. When experiencing disagreement with a brother or sister in Christ, first come together and pray. End fighting and debate quickly. Listen respectfully to all sides. Watch and listen for the work of the Holy Spirit.

Prayerfully consider the following passages when in disagreement with another:

The E100 Sermon outline for Acts 15 ends with:

“Fighting for the faith doesn’t mean fighting the faithful.”